Diabetes affects over 9% of Americans and because this chronic condition can lead to limb-threatening ulcers, preventive podiatric evaluations are essential. At the office of William Hansen, DPM, in the Queens neighborhood of Flushing, New York, you can meet with expert podiatrist Dr. Hansen who provides integrative diabetic foot care services. If you have diabetes, schedule your foot exam online today. You can also call to schedule over the phone.

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Why is diabetic foot care important?

When you have diabetes, you’re prone to serious foot problems and complications that occur because of increased blood sugar (glucose) levels. Periods of increased blood sugar damage tissues, including vein walls and nerves.

This becomes an issue because circulation dramatically decreases in your feet. As your skin dries out, it can easily crack and even stepping on something small, like a pebble, can cause a wound.

Due to the lack of blood flow, foot wounds heal very slowly, which makes them more prone to infection. But what’s particularly concerning is that you may have no idea that you have a wound. Because of potential nerve damage — diabetic neuropathy — a wound can become infected and you may not be able to feel it.

These types of issues can lead to very serious wounds that can become ulcerated, which can increase your risk of amputation. Since diabetes is associated with such serious foot issues, regular diabetic foot exams are essential.

What can I expect during a diabetic foot care exam?

When you arrive at the office for your diabetic foot care exam, Dr. Hansen evaluates your health history and talks with you about your diabetes management plan. After your discussion, he performs a comprehensive exam that may include toenail trimming or corn or callus removal.

Dr. Hansen also spends time counseling you about proper foot care for diabetes. For example, you need to ensure that you always wear socks with shoes and apply a rich moisturizing cream daily to lower your risk of foot wounds.

Dr. Hansen also encourages you to inspect your feet every day and look for warning signs of ulcers (like drainage in your socks).

How are diabetic ulcers treated?

Dr. Hansen provides expert foot wound care services for the most complex of diabetic ulcers. He spends time getting to the root of why you have a foot ulcer, like if serious blood circulation issues are a concern. This way, he can design an effective treatment plan tailored to your diagnosis.

Depending on the severity of your diabetic ulcer, you may need:

  • Wound debridement
  • Specialized wound dressing
  • Application of advanced tissue products, such as skin grafts

To help reduce pressure on your foot wound, Dr. Hansen can get you fitted for custom orthotics or diabetic shoes.

For more complex diabetic ulcers, you might need surgery to remove damaged tissues and treat any underlying foot deformity so you can heal from your foot ulcer.

Book your diabetic foot care evaluation with William Hansen, DPM, today. You can conveniently schedule online or you can call the office directly.